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Sylvia's Unique French Cakes Menu
Wedding:            $250-$1500+

Bachelorette:      $80-$150+ 

Birthday:            $80-$175+ 

Sporting:            $80-$150+ 

Anniversary:       $80-$150+

Corporate:          $80-175+  
*Cake Pop(s)         $2.00+ each

*Cupcake(s)         $2.50+ each

*Design Cookies:  $2.25+ each 

**Minimum of 12**
Delivery info and services

Location:Serving the Tampa Bay Area

Hours:By Appointment Only

Our minimum serving size per order is for 20

Delivery Fee: .75 cents a mile- to event (each way) & $10 flat fee pick up from Westshore Mall.

**Late pick up at meet up point will be $5 per 30 min **

Ordering a cake is a very personalized process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.Please see below an average pricing of my unique HAND CRAFTED cakes.

Round Servings (party serving-wedding serving)               Round Tiered Cakes Servings       
                 6-inch .........8 -10                                                            6"+8"   ..............25
                 8-inch.........15-20                                                            6"+9  " ..............30 
                 9-inch.........25-30                                                            6"+10  " ............40
                10-inch........30-35                                                           4"+6"+8" ...........40
                12-inch........45-50                                                           6"+8"+10" .........60
​​Square Cake Serving                                                                  6+9+12    ..........80 
                6-inch .............12                                                             6+10+14    ........105
                8-inch..............21                                                             4+6+8+10    ......65
                9-inch..............27                                                             6+8+10+12    ....105-120
               10-inch ............40                                                            6+9+12+14   .....160
               12-inch ............60                                                            4+6+8+10+12  ..125-30
* Single Round cakes start at $3.00 a serving and extra charges may be applied for intricate design elements. 

* Single Square cakes start at $3.00 a serving and extra charges may be applied for intricate design elements.

* Tiered Round cakes start at $3.00 a serving and extra charges may be applied for intricate design elements. 

*Shaped cakes and 3D cakes start around $3.50 to $4 a serving. ( Depending on how intricate the design)

* Wedding Cake start $4.00 depends on intricacy.

*Other tiered cake sizes are available on request. 

*A minimum of a $350 order is required for a cake tasting.
*Delivery is available for an extra charge. There is no charge for pick up orders.

*All cakes are baked fresh for your occasion so you can be sure that you're getting a unique and delicious cake made just for you.

*Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens.

*Cupcake(s)$2.50/each & Cupcakes with fillings are $3.00 a piece
*Cookies: $2.00/each depends on Intricacy

*Cake colors are finalized 5 days prior to event.
* Extra charges may be applied for intricate cupcakes toppers
* Cupcakes are sold by the dozen. (by flavor as well)
* Plastic figurine are also available for a low cost.

Cake serving and cost
Cake flavors, icings and fillings oh my!

When it comes to choosing the right flavors for your cake, having a variety of choice is key. We use only the finest ingredients to offer you a number of delicious options in cake flavor, icings and fillings.

Cake Flavors

White / Yellow / Chocolate / Banana / Vanilla / Almond / Lemon / Strawberry / Cinnamon Spice / Marble / Carrot / Red Velvet  / Sponge cake / Well recognized Puerto Rican cake /

Options for Fillings

Mousse Fillings
Chocolate / Strawberry / Raspberry / Vanilla Bean / Banana / Lemon / Lime / Orange / Pineapple / Hazelnut / Chocolate Mint / Irish Cream / Peanut Butter / Nutella / Cookies & Cream/ Mocha / Key Lime / White Chocolate / Coconut

Fruit Fillings
Fresh strawberries in strawberry glaze or mousse of your choice**
Seasonal fresh berries in custard /or mousse of your choice** 
Fresh bananas in custard, or mousse of your choice**
Pineapple in mousse of your choice**
Peaches in mousse of your choice**

Other Fillings
Fudge/Cream Cheese** /Coconut**/ Strawberry Preserves /Raspberry Preserves
Options for Icings

Real (Homemade) Buttercream
Whipped Cream / Chocolate Buttercream** Chocolate Whipped Cream / Dark Chocolate Ganache** / Cream Cheese**
Base Prices - Final Price Dependant on Overall Design.
Base Price includes simple stripes, dots, very simple piped borders. Additional fees for modeled figures, flowers, elaborate piping, sugar art work, etc., are priced based on complexity. Prices subject to change.
Single Tier (4" high each tier) Party
Serving Size 1.5x2x4" Starting At:
8" 20 $100
10" 28 $130
12" 36 $150
Tiered Cakes (4" high each tier)
Starting at $4.00* per serving
*based on wedding serving size 
Party Serving Size 1.5x2x4" *Wedding Serving Size 1x2x4"
6/8" Round 30 36
6/10" Round 38 50
8/10" Round 48 62

Q: What's the difference between "Party" and "Wedding" Serving Size?
A: Wedding size is 1x2x4" which is the industry standard and what caterers will cut. Expect less servings in a "party" cake because pieces are typically cut larger at 1.5x2x4". See the cutting guide above for cutting "party size" pieces.
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